After the Second World War the guides worked in newly founded companies in the field of tourism and their affiliates. A big step towards the development of tourism and services, above all tourist guiding, came in the second half of the seventies of the twentieth century when the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina took charge of the education of tourist guides. This form of education resulted in over three hundred of trained and qualified guides.

In accordance with the established principles of the WORLD FEDERATION OF TOURIST GUIDES, WFTG, the Association of Tourist Guides of Novi Sad (UTVNS) was founded in 1986. The Association comprises the professional tourist guides, 48 of them at present. They are qualified for guiding in several world languages and are available both to domestic and foreign visitors, prepared to present their town, region and country in the best possible way.

The Association is a non-profit and non-political organization aimed to bring together professionally trained persons, permanently or occasionally engaged to work as tourist guides, and to constantly work on improving the services rendered by its members.

The Association enables its members to acquire vocational training as well as the protection of their interests and rights concerning the authorities, tourist and social organizations and individuals.

UTVNS incites and supports the engagement of local tourist guides capable of giving the most comprehensive and the most competent service.

The main objective of UTVNS is the promotion of tourist guides as the best ambassadors of their town. They are the first and most often the only promoters of their country, people and culture.

That is why the motto of our Association is:

By Ilija Komnenović, historian

About Us

The very beginning of the modern organized tourist guiding in Novi Sad was connected with the mountaineering – tourist magazine “Putnik” (“Traveller”), set up in 1862 and it was the first of its kind in the Slavonic South. It was the beginning of the organized reception of tourists to our town.

From the second half of the nineteenth century, besides the existing excellent overland routes, regular steamboat lines to Budapest, Vienna and the rest of Europe were introduced. The communication was improved at the end of the nineteenth century (1883) when the railway connected us first to the Middle and Western Europe and very soon (1883) via Belgrade to the Southern Europe and the Balkan Peninsula.

At the same time with the development of the communication lines and the influx of travellers and guests, the first modern hotels were built in the town besides the already existing inns offering accommodation. The visitors to the town and the hotel guests as well as all the others who stayed in the town engaged the prominent citizens , historians, artists, doctors, and lawyersas their guides wishing to learn more about the cultural-historical monuments of the town and its vicinity.

Due to the exceptional interest of the guests, aimed at assisting the tourists, the first illustrated guidebook of the region “A GUIDE TO NOVI SAD’ was published in three languages: Hungarian, German and Serbian by the Serbian Trade Society from Novi Sad in 1903...

When the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians (1918) was established, the tourist agency “Putnik” was founded in 1924 as the business office of the Association for transport of travellers and tourists from Belgrade. Their business operations included all the services as well as tourist guiding. Most of the foreign tourists were Germans, Austrians, Checks, … Due to the increased influx ofboth foreign and domestic tourists the first modern pocket guidebook, 7.7 x 11.5 cm in size, entitled “GUIDE TO NOVI SAD AND ITS SURROUNDING” was issued.